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The vagaries of crafting


I’ve been riding my bike to work the past couple of weeks, which has greatly reduced my (normally subway-based) crafting time. The upshot of this is that I have much more time to think about bike-related crafts! To this end, I’ve purchased a LilyPad E-sewing kit from Sparkfun (they have excellent customer service, by the by) and am planning to make some highly visible accessories. WOO SAFETY.

Nevertheless, I’m current working on a pair of Coraline gloves and a pair of Pretty Lace Hand Warmers from the Purl Bee. I’ve been a little indecisive about the yarn choice for the handwarmers, and have actually made two, but in slightly different grey yarns. I think I’ve settled on one, though. INTRIGUE! STEIGH TOONED!

Here are some sweet progress shots of the handthings:

And one of two living room curtains that I made out of a sheet!

One of two living room curtains that I made from a sheet.

And for good measure, an atrocious calligraphy practice sheet!

Strictly for kicks, my new haircut and dumb face!


Excuses, excuses (and plans)

Due to some recent home computer brokenness, I have not kept the internet abreast of my latest projects. All is fixed, now, so watch out, world, for a steady trickle of posts.

Having recently finished an interminable stripey scarf, I’m kind of at a loss for what to knit next. I’m considering a scarf or fichu from Victorian Knitting Today, but knitnerdery has me considering Coraline gloves (to combat this lousy Smarch weather) or Very Tall Socks in Doctor Who scarf stripes (inspired by Ellen). DECISIONS. In the meantime, I’m halfway through sewing a pair of curtains for the living room windows from a flat sheet, I’ve sown some seeds, and I’ve started a calligraphic adventure. Ah, and now that my computer is once more in working order, I hope to take an honest stab at learning Processing.